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The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live

ISBN# 978-1-926942-00-1

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“Christian McPherson is the devil child of Charles Bukowski and Michael Ondaatje.  How else could you explain these poems?  McPherson has a clear voice in full rant or lullaby and this book has both.  There are gentle poems about fatherhood and musings on torture, discussions about the existence of God and the lists you might find in a mad man's closet.  These poems are the pills of a strange and loving alchemist, always aimed at the cure but perfectly content to alter perception along the way.  Read this book.”– Michael Dennis, author of Coming Ashore on Fire and This Day Full of Promise.
The poems in this collection are snapshots of suburban fatherhood, philosophical musings on our limited temporal existence, and rants about an absurd world. McPherson reflects the world back to us as if we were seeing it through a series of wonky carnival ride mirrors. Sometimes the images are so outlandish that all you can do is laugh. Other times you can make out the ghostly apparition of death with his arm snugly wrapped around your shoulder. Whatever reflections of joy, sadness, fear, horror, or love may be observed, the truth always radiates in subtle waves, bringing the world into sharper focus. With The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live, you need to grab hold of the safety bar and prepare to go on the ride, which is your life. 
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Meet Christian McPherson

Christian McPherson is the author of the poetry collections The Sun Has Forgotten Where I Live and My Life in Pictures, as well as the novels Saving HerThe Cube People and Cube Squared. He lives in Ottawa with his wife Marty and his two kids, Molly and Henry.

Christian’s new collection of stories, Going Fly, is now available in bookstores and online. Contact Christian directly at

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