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Fighting Words.

(Because "Lovin' Beats Hatin' " was already taken apparently.)       
Publisher: Chris Needham

Editor: Sidney Shapiro
Associate Publisher: R.W. Dunlop         
Associate Editor: Amanda Peters
Director of PR and Marketing: Tania Richards
Okay, so we’re ready to start looking at book submissions again. But we expect to fall behind almost immediately, so before you send anything, please make sure you’ve looked at (and maybe even read!) our other books.

As this is the future we’ve all been eagerly anticipating, we now only accept email submissions. And so, with that in mind, send us whatever the hell you want. We will probably take forever to respond, and we do apologize for that. However, if you’re still interested, please send us the complete manuscript; it’s tough to consider sample chapters or poems when you’re just not that bright. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for letting us see your work.

Again, though, no snail mail. We really can’t stress that enough. Our office is tiny, messy, and poorly managed at the best of times. Oh yeah, and we’re apparently a “literary publisher interested in contemporary Canadian fiction and poetry,” whatever the heck that means. It probably means that, at present, we only consider work by Canadian authors. So there.

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Sales Representation        

General Inquiries

Canadian Manda Group
664 Annette Street

Toronto, ON M6S 2C8

Tel: 1.416.516.0911

Fax: 1.416.516.0917


Customer Service & Orders
Tel: 1.855.626.3222 (1.855.MANDA CA)
Fax: 1.888.563.8327

National Accounts

Peter Hill-Field, Anthony Iantorno, Tim, Gain
Ellen Warwick, Kristina Koski, Dave Nadalin
Tel: 416.516.0911
Fax: 1.416.516.0917

British Columbia, Yukon & Northern Territories

Iolanda Millar

Tel: 604.662.3511 x246

Kate Condon-Moriarty
Tel: 604.662.3511 x247

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Jean Cichon
Tel: 403.202.0922 x245


Nikki Turner
Tel: 416.516.0911 x225

Dave Nadalin
Tel: 416.516.0911 x400

David Farag

Tel: 416.516.0911 x248

Quebec and Atlantic Provinces

Jacques Filippi
Tel: 1.855.626.3222 x244


Ellen Warwick
National Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x240

Kristina Koski

Account Manager
Tel: 416.516.0911 x234

Erin Morgan

Account Manager
416-516-0911 ext 228

We are a proud member of the Literary Press Group of Canada
502-234 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, ON M4P 1K5
Tel: 416.483.1321
Fax: 416.483.2510
Distributor contact information and terms         
c/o Fraser Direct
65 Quarterman Road Unit 1, Guelph, ON, N1C 0A8
phone: 1-800-591-6250
fax: 1-800-591-6251

40% discount for booksellers and libraries. 46% discount for wholesalers. Discounts apply to orders of 5 or more books. Standard returns policy.* You know the drill.

Shipping Policy:
On orders of 10 or more books the cost of shipping is split equally between the publisher and the bookseller. On orders of less than 10 copies the cost of shipping will be charged on the invoice. This policy applies to orders placed through LitDistCo and directly through Now Or Never. It's a decent policy and we stand by it.

Standard returns policy:
Books are returnable in new condition after 90 days and before 365 days from date on invoice. Please quote original invoice number. Please.
LitDistCo Returns Department
c/o Fraser Direct
65 Quarterman Road Unit 1, Guelph, ON, N1C 0A8

*Oh and hey: Any books purchased and invoiced direct from Now Or Never should be returned to Now Or Never. I mean it just makes sense!


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