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Slouching Towards Innocence

ISBN# 978-1-988098-37-1

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Malcolm Bidwell is young, smart, and ambitious—and he’s just been hired by mistake by newly elected Premier Steven Davis as his “go-to guy” for every political mess that needs cleaning up. And there are plenty of messes—from a cabinet minister caught in a vice sting to the premier’s animal cruelty charge for killing a crow. Negotiating his way through the treacherous and wickedly funny corridors of power, Malcolm is forced to make difficult choices: between what’s right and what’s expedient, and between his old friends and his new career. Set in the quirky, combative, and darkly comic world of British Columbia politics—where your friends can be more dangerous than your enemies—Slouching Towards Innocence is a story of politics, love and life. 

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Meet Ron Norman

Ron Norman was an award-winning newspaper reporter, columnist and editor before working for twelve years in the British Columbia government. When he left government, he was Deputy Minister and Head of Communications—one of the highest positions attainable in the public service. He lives in Brentwood Bay, BC, and Slouching Towards Innocence is his first novel.

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