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Songs from a Small Town (In a Minor Key)

ISBN# 978-1-989689-09-7

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Inspired by a true incident of mass hysteria in Le Roy, New York in 2011-2012, Songs from a Small Town (In a Minor Key) is a novel written as a series of stories from different points of view. It examines a mysterious condition that strikes only teenage girls in a small farming town—their arms twitch and jump, and they can’t control the movements—and while people speculate about what is causing the disease, no one knows for sure. As the stories progress, various facets of this bizarre phenomenon are explored, dark secrets come to light, and the hysteria grows.

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Meet Penny Chamberlain

Penny Chamberlain is an award winning, best-selling writer who has published three children’s novels, The Olden Days Locket, Chasing the Moon, and Shack Island Summer. Retired from a career as a physiotherapist, educator and coordinator of a hospital rehabilitation department, Penny now happily spends her time writing in Victoria, BC. 

Songs from a Small Town (In a Minor Key) is now available for purchase in bookstores and online.

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