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Harshly Purring

ISBN# 978-1-988098-08-1

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A heartbroken derelict. An abruptly idealistic executive. A father trying to reconnect with his daughters. Three men inhabiting the same neighbourhood with completely divergent lives come together in a collision that will leave each of them changed forever. In his debut novel, Michael Knox evokes, in cinematic prose, a glimpse of the complexity of the suburban, and a meditation on disaster and masculinity. Harshly Purring presents a poetic and brutal look at isolation and disaster, both self-inflicted and otherwise, and the ways in which human beings struggle to survive it.

Harshly Purring is now available in bookstores and online.

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Meet Michael Knox

Michael Knox has two previous books, Play Out the Match (2006) and The North End Poems (2008), and his work has appeared in a range of literary journals and magazines. He lives with his wife in Toronto.

Michael can be reached directly at

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