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The Forgotten: A Novel of the Korean War

ISBN# 978-1-989689-75-2

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The Forgotten is the story of nineteen-year-old Charlie Black who, in 1950, desperate to prove himself to his father, joins the Canadian Army’s Special Force as part of the United Nations forces defending South Korea from an attack by the North. Leaving his family and girlfriend behind, Charlie trains hard, but is soon separated from his battalion, the 2nd Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He manages to catch up with the Patricias at the last minute as they prepare to ship out, but not before witnessing the aftermath of a fatal rail disaster. Onboard, Charlie is relegated to 13 Platoon, a group of misfits and adventure-seekers under the leadership of Frenchy, their menacing corporal. Charlie’s comrades are young, only partly trained, but eager to get into battle. When the battalion arrives in Korea, however, their role has changed significantly. China has entered the war on the other side, and allied forces are struggling to survive. What the Canadian government conceived as a semi-peacekeeping role for their troops has changed into an all-out war, and after a brief period of additional training, the Special Force—including Charlie’s battalion—goes on the offensive against terrible odds. A harrowing story of war and survival, The Forgotten helps shed a light on a brutal conflict in our nation’s history, and those brave souls willing to step into the breach.

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Meet Robert W. Mackay

In his early years, Robert W. Mackay attended UBC and spent ten years in the Canadian navy with service on destroyers and submarines. He subsequently taught school and practiced law before publishing his first novel, Soldier of the Horse, the story of his father’s time in the World War I Canadian Cavalry Brigade. Robert’s second prize-winning novel, Terror on the Alert, is set onboard a Canadian submarine during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Robert is a national director of the Canadian Authors Association, and lives in Surrey, BC.

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