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Young Adult Fiction
ISBN# 978-1-926942-09-4

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Something sinister is going on in the catacombs of Duram University. A student is about to find himself part of a new technological leap into a future in which morals are tested against humanity’s growing desire for power—to regenerate, to control the aging process, and to kill—an all-out underground war with both sides willing to risk everything for dominance over the other. Both seeking the ultimate weapon, both seeking a man who doesn’t know who or what he really is. . . . And for Brenner James, the unwitting participant, it will take everything he is to save not only himself, but all those he loves from this underground experiment gone horribly wrong.

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Meet Colin Mackay

Colin Mackay grew up in Port Moody, British Columbia and lived in Vancouver for a number of years. A graduate of the University of Victoria and a teacher at New Westminster Senior Secondary School, Colin passed away on July 2nd, 2015 in a motorcycle accident. Remote was his only novel.

Remote is available in bookstores and online. 

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