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Random Acts of Vandalism

ISBN# 978-1-926942-01-8

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A rookie novelist faces infamy and fortune when a young boy mimics the suicidal protagonist in his book. After close to five years covering trials, a court reporter suddenly finds his life entangled with the outcome of a manslaughter case. A fourth-year English major and rugby star wrestles with a growing disdain for academia as his mother succumbs to cancer. And rocked by the death of his best friend, a high school student stumbles into apathy and addiction while trying to enter the real world. Four stories. Four lives. One path. One end. This is the tale of Random Acts of Vandalism.

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Meet Patrick Blennerhassett

Patrick Blennerhassett is a Vancouver-based writer and journalist. He is a Jack Webster Fellowship Award winner and his third novel, The Fatalists, is now available in bookstores and online.

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