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Please Stand By

ISBN# 978-1-988098-85-2

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“Donate to ABS. Do it for Courtney. Do it for his safety.”

Preying on loving parents is second nature to Suzanne Foley. So is drinking to oblivion while shilling for the publicly-supported Alberta Broadcasting System (ABS). When new management from Toronto threatens to gut the station, Suzanne rallies reluctant coworkers to fight back. Sex with a younger man, intrusive memories and regular trips to the prescription counter aside, she pins all her hope on ABS surviving another day because, as she tells Leslie, "It's all I have."

Set in the throes of a bone-chilling Edmonton winter, Please Stand By lays to waste CanCon, the east-west divide, and secrets that can kill. Funny, wild and brave, Please Stand By is a fast and furious read for mind and heart.

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Meet Carolyn Bennett

Carolyn Bennett is a writer and comedian. She lives in Toronto. When she is not writing or performing, she may be found sailing or tooling around her partner's woodworking shop. 

Please Stand By is now available for purchase in bookstores and online.

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